IT is befuddled. What is worse for the company, demotivated employees or increased security risks?

Their employees want to use their own devices at work (70% of those under 30, 81% of those in college in a recent survey). And many companies are letting them.

But about half of the technology managers surveyed forbid BYOD in their organizations. Others allow it, but require the ability to wipe the employee’s personal device if lost or stolen. Ouch.

Steve Johnson summarized this dilemma for the San Jose Mercury News with a great quote from Bob Worrall, chief information officer at Nvidia:

“The world is going mobile,” Bob said, but how to adapt to that shift while protecting company secrets “has really become a question that legal and security teams have wrestled with across the industry.”

The solution is to change the focus from the device to the data. Secure the content wherever it goes, freeing both devices and employees to do their thing.