Mary Meeker’s  presentation from the recent “All Things D” conference noted that mobile adoption is still in its infancy, and that got me thinking about what this means for my enterprise customers and their ability for their employees to communicate with video.

For the past 5 years, many enterprises have framed their solution to the mobility “problem” in terms of infrastructure – What does IT need to have in place to accommodate their employees’ desire to BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) to work?

Clearly, physical infrastructure is certainly essential to enable mobility, and kudos to the IT departments who have already put technologies like mobile device management (MDM) systems in place.

But after MDM, what is the trend for the next 5 years?   As I consider Mary Meeker’s presentation further, I am realizing that businesses need not only to worry about IT infrastructure for mobile workers, but they also need to re-imagine all of their business processes to assume that everyone in the value chain – from customers to employees to partners to suppliers – will be mobile and that those business processes will all require video to support them.

Said another way:  In the future, mobile business video will be a business application issue.

At Qumu, we are focusing our R&D efforts on building the frameworks to support the next generation of business applications to include mobile video, and our customers are extremely pleased with our work so far.   The key is being able to empower a user to participate in business processes from any device, at any time, on any network, without worrying about how the underlying application moves bits from one place to another around the globe.

Customers (and third-party developers) are rallying around our new Qumu Pathfinder features – including our unique Intelligent Content Routing – to reimagine their own business processes and they are building their future applications based on a Qumu platform.

My question to all of you is:  What business processes and applications will best be improved through video?    I am looking forward to your responses… and in a subsequent post, I’ll detail out some of the business applications that our customers have been building with our tools.