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You’ve probably heard about the “90-9-1” phenomena of social media. In a nutshell it claims that 90% of an online community are observers or “lurkers”- they never contribute. 9% contribute occasionally, and mostly by commenting. Only the remaining 1% are active contributors.

This rule applies not only to public forums, but to enterprise internal social media. Despite the fact that employee generated content (EGC) for knowledge sharing is encouraged and promoted by many organizations, there is still an “entry barrier” that prevents participation en masse.  Are we lazy? Do we not have enough time to write an article? Not prolific writers, period? Well, there is always audio and video that frees us up from needing to write something – allows us to just talk and demonstrate.

When I talk to Qumu customers about employee generated videos the main issues that are usually raised are ease of capture and publishing, and the approval workflow. Qumu Video Control Center (VCC) has answers for all these concerns, but in this post I’m focused on addressing the topic of capture, highlighting the capabilities of the Qumu Quick Capture product.

Qumu Quick Capture (QQC) is an audio/video recording tool that is launched directly from a Qumu VCC Portal site. QQC is available to anybody who is granted a permission to use it, and does not require any prior software installation on the desktop. It can record audio and video input from a camera, a screen, or a camera and screen simultaneously (for the latter you will be able to adjust a position and size of the camera frame on top of the screen frame).  After the recording is completed it allows the author to do some basic editing like trimming around and cutting-out “bad” segments, as well as some not-so-basic editing features such as adding overlays and transitions. Of course it provides an embedded player for previewing the video before publishing it. Once the video is ready, it can be uploaded into a selected channel in the Qumu VCC along with some descriptive metadata. That, in turn, kicks-off the VCC ingest workflow that includes thumbnail extraction, transcoding, and (if configured) distribution over enterprise and Internet CDNs.

Access and determining screen capture settings requires little to no training:

Quick Capture

Users can quickly enhance their presentation.

Quick Capture Tools

Then immediately upload for approval or directly to the portal.

Qumu Video Control Center Portal

Of course QQC is not the only tool for screen and camera video recording. There is Camtasia and several Camtasia-like commercial products on the market. They all require licensing and installation on the desktop, which can quickly become quite expensive and burdensome to maintain if we want to equip hundreds or thousands of employees with a capture tool. QQC on the other hand does not require a per-desktop license and does not have to be pre-installed. Combined with its intuitiveness and integrated uploading it can certainly be that “missing piece” that was badly needed for an employee generated content initiative to succeed.

To request a demo of Quick Capture, contact us.