The most valuable content is magically on hand at the exact time and place it’s needed.

The Internet has simulated that experience. With literally everything only a few clicks or searches away, the world is at our fingertips. But sometimes we don’t want the world; we want something very specific, on the screen we happen to be viewing at the time.

Edge devices also simulate the “just in time” feeling.  CDNs allow Netflix to deliver streamed movies on a whim.  But sometimes we want the immersive experience of HD quality video – and we don’t want to buffer.

Publishers are finding ways to more fully deliver the “just what you need, just when you need it” experience.  Ted Schadler at Forrester sees context-aware “systems of engagement” as an important new way to do this.

Extend the edge

Others are extending the concept of edge devices to include the user’s device itself; “local streaming” of content from the device to its screen. This kind of automated behind-the-scenes downloading of content to user devices puts the content users want or need right at their fingertips, online or offline.

Secure push-based content delivery platforms (like Signal from Rimage) are now becoming available that allow businesses to do this for their employees and customers. Expect to see organizations increase the value of their content by pre-positioning it when and where their users need it.