Why do people increasingly choose texting over phone calls? For the same reason I watch 90% of my entertainment content from Netflix and Tivo: participating in communication and entertainment on my schedule vs. someone else’s is convenient and empowering.

We’re all building more and more time-shifting into our daily interactions – so much so that our social mores are shifting 180 degrees. Watch people under 30: texting in company is common practice, but interrupting someone with a phone call (“Pay attention to me now!”) is almost considered rude.

This is a challenge for large-scale teleconferencing, telepresence and other scheduled collaboration platforms.  These communication modes are disruptive, “pay attention” experiences fighting the time-shifting trend.

Real-time, immersive events have their place: conference calls, CEO broadcasts, presidential addresses.  But what percent of our interactions are these kinds of Town Hall experiences?  They represent just the tip of the iceberg for enterprise video going forward.

Enterprises need to plan for increasing employee use of time-shifted communication. Specifically, they need to prepare for large volumes of video content that can be shared and watched on the recipient’s schedule.  The impact of this shift will be material; is your infrastructure ready?