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An Executive Summary: Investing in Corporate Video Technology in 2020

Recent advances in enterprise technology are transforming corporate video into a robust type of business data, fundamentally impacting how organizations view their video investment roadmaps. This shift is the premise of a new report from Wainhouse Research titled Seven Critical Considerations for Investing in Corporate Video Technology in 2020.

This new report highlights a number of critical factors that organizations must consider before investing in enterprise video technology in the next 18 months. And what makes the report especially powerful is the findings and key buying insights, uncovered by Wainhouse Research as part of a comprehensive buyer survey. Here is a sneak peek at the Table of Contents:

  • The Evolving Role of Video in the Enterprise
  • Considerations for Purchasing Enterprise Video in 2020:
    • #1: Video is Vital Corporate Data that Must be Secured
    • #2: Leverage New Technologies to Benefit From Video Data
    • #3: Prepare for How Your Teams Will Use Video
    • #4: The Wrong Video Platform Can Cripple a Network
    • #5: Deployment Options Exist Beyond the Cloud
    • #6: Video Conferencing and Streaming Are Better Together
    • #7: Video Platforms Must Work Seamlessly with Existing Tools
  • The Time is Now: Making a Streaming Investment

Data Snapshots

Each purchase consideration in this report is backed by comprehensive survey data, collected over the last several months by Wainhouse analysts. Below we highlight a handful of key findings, with the remaining survey results made available in the full, complimentary research report.

Snapshot #1

Nearly half of younger workers describe the integration of video and intelligence as a “very important” influence in their purchasing decisions for streaming technology.

Younger workers place greater importance on having access to solutions that blend intelligence with video capabilities.

Wainhouse Research

Our Take: This underscores an important aspect of the self-service movement underway in Enterprise Video: users need access to intelligent systems that will assist them in making more informed decisions. The new generation of video users and creators are thinking of video as much more than an interactive way of learning and communicating. They see the potential of video as usable data, and understand the value of intelligent video technology that can provide fast, pin-point access to that data immediately when it is needed.

Snapshot #2

Over 75% of survey respondents see the benefit of extending the reach and capability of video conferencing with an enterprise streaming platform.

Most video conferencing solutions are not designed for broadcasting a message to hundreds–or thousands–of people simultaneously. That’s where streaming platforms shine. Likewise, streaming solutions also can capture video conferences for on-demand replay.

Wainhouse Research

Our Take: Organizations are nearly universally seeing the value of integrating video conferencing and video streaming solutions to 1) maximize their existing vide conferencing investments, and 2) create entirely new capabilities within the enterprise. By combining the two technologies, companies are turning Zoom rooms and video conferencing-enabled devices into self-service streaming engines for launching large scale webcasts and extending the reach of video content.

Snapshot #3

Nearly half of responding organizations have already embraced hybrid video solution options.

Hybrid solutions that blend the security and scalability of on premise solutions with the flexibility of hosted services represent a logical migration point for companies aspiring to capture the best of both worlds.

Wainhouse Research

Our Take: The world’s most forward-thinking organizations are realizing the need for flexibility in how they deploy Enterprise Video, given the complexity of their corporate networks. And intelligent delivery networks are being adopted and implemented that can accommodate a Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid video deployment, as well as leverage third-party Content Delivery Networks—while still providing a level of security that was previously only available via an On Premise solution.

Given the impact of new Enterprise Video strategies and the rapidy changing perspectives of both leaders and users, we found the new Wainhouse report timely—as many companies are already planning their enterprise video investments for 2020. As a reminder, please remember to download the full Wainhouse Research report, which is available exclusively from the Qumu website for a limited time. We are confident you will find significant value in it, whether your organization is considering purchase of an Enterprise Video platform, or simply needs to get more out of its existing investment.

Feel free to share this article with contacts and colleagues who may be interested, and please don’t hesitate to contact Qumu with any questions or by completing our Contact Us Form or calling directly at +1-612-638-9050.

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