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QUMU Corporation Accessibility Statement
Qumu Corporation and its group of companies (“Qumu”) is committed to providing an accessible website experience for all of our U.S. customers and consumers, regardless of disability.

Reasonable Accommodations
Individuals who need a reasonable accommodation to access information and materials on Qumu’s website should send an email to or call us at 612-638-9100 to provide information about the nature of the requested accommodation.  Requesters should include contact information such as an email address or telephone number at which they can be reached.  Depending on the nature of the request, Qumu may need sufficient advance notice to provide a reasonable accommodation.

Technical Assistance
In the event that a user with a disability experiences accessibility issues with our website or other digital platform, please contact us by sending an email to or calling us at 612-638-9100 In your communication to us, please specify the nature of the accessibility difficulty, including the web address that may have presented an accessibility challenge.

We are always working to ensure that our services are accessible to all customers and consumers, including individuals with disabilities.  If you have an idea or question about accessibility support services at Qumu, please contact us by email at or by phone at 612-638-9100.

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A Case Study for the Undisputable Argument in Favor of Remote Work.

A Case Study for the Undisputable Argument in Favor of Remote Work.

Work from wherever, whenever, forever.

By TJ Kennedy

At the beginning of the pandemic, the future of the workforce was in a state of unpredictability, with little to no answers in sight. But as the pandemic has gone on, answers have begun to emerge.

Remote work makes you more productive

Qumu Corporation is a good example of how a major pivot in workstyle has proven a superior model for the future. In March 2020, shortly after the pandemic began, Qumu quickly announced a decision to go 100% remote. This put the use of Qumu’s offices on ice, but eventually changed everything Qumu knew about how work should be conducted. During the initial stages of the work from home experience, Qumu continued to work in a traditional time frame (8-5, Monday Through Friday) not yet fully letting go of the conventional work model. With some good lighting and a microphone, staffers were able to maintain a productive environment via video. Not only was this consistent with the past, but there were improvements from the pre-COVID times as well. For one, remote work made things easier for employees; the work and life balance actually allowed for increased productivity. Recruits also were not as restricted by location, creating a stronger Qumu workforce.

Making a commitment to remote work

As the pandemic continued, Qumu staff doubled down on the work from whenever, wherever, forever model. When surveyed whether they wanted to continue down this path, employees agreed with a resounding “yes.“

It’s not only Qumu that shared these sentiments. Per the Harvard Business Review, according to a PwC study, 83% of the employers surveyed believe that remote work has been successful for their company. And 54% of workers want to continue working remotely after the pandemic.

Flexibility is gold for employees, allowing for efficient communication and desirable schedules. According to a study from the International Workplace Group, 80% of workers would turn down a job that did not offer a flexible work schedule for one that did.

Meetings don’t have to be painful

Qumu discovered that there is little time each day, in a global company, where every employee can be communicated synchronously. With different employees in different countries and different time zones, asynchronous ( or on demand) video can be leveraged to provide similar experiences to different employees.

Short message sharing like Slack and watch ahead videos have proved to be key in summarizing information and replacing the traditional time-inefficient one hour meeting and use of email. On demand video allows stakeholders to prepare for a meeting so that the meeting becomes much more efficient, and in many cases, shorter.

Some of the biggest, blue-chip companies, like Amazon and Apple, for example, are continuing to stay remote until at least next year and maybe beyond. Working remotely has proven for Qumu and others that success in business and happy employees are not mutually exclusive. IN fact, they are intrinsically linked.

Qumu has been making video smarter with its video engagement platform serving the Fortune 500 and Tech 1000. Qumu has committed to a 100% remote workforce that works from wherever, whenever, forever.
TJ Kennedy is the CEO at Qumu Corporation 

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