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7 types of onboarding video for your next new hire


* NOTE: This post has been recently updated. Please view our new post titled The Value of Video in Employee Onboarding. Thank you!

New employees are arguably the most valuable asset you have, and how you bring them on board can make the difference between developing a longtime productive employee or a disengaged short-timer. According to the SHRM Foundation: New employees that are on boarded effectively are 69% more likely to remain at a company for up to three years.

Successful onboarding comes through inspiration and information. Inspire them by sharing your mission & values, organization culture, personal & business opportunities and creating connections with their new coworkers. Inform them about essential benefits, procedures, references and the business in general.

Video: The Onboarding Secret Weapon

Using video throughout the onboarding process adds personality to your communications. It creates a visual conversation – akin to one-on-one training – that far surpasses the impact of reading content. Videos are also scalable, maintaining consistency far better than a collection of trainers. Here are seven types of onboarding video to improve the engagement and retention of your new employees:

1. Business Overview: A clear summary of the company’s mission, vision and business objectives is a powerful start to the first day at work.  The CEO or President is an ideal presenter for this message.

2. Job Description: Document the essentials of the new position – core responsibilities, interaction with other team members and functions, what success looks like.  A manager that records this on video helps the new employee get started and provides a lasting reference that will be helpful at performance review time.

3. Department Overview: Similarly, managers can summarize the roles and goals of a team, department or division in a short video. This provides a common understanding for everyone and helps the team remember why they are here.

4. Employee Directory: With today’s tools its easy for every employee to create a 30 second video introduction that can be organized and made available as a directory for all employees.  With a click, new employees can hear anyone describe what they do and how they can help.

5. Policies and Procedures: By recording standard training and education content, HR simplifies the work of sharing these required messages, saving time and HR staff for more personalized work that is a better use of their time.

6. “About Us”: Beyond the company’s business-related goals, new employees are hungry to see why your company matters.  A video about the company’s history, activities in the community and overall purpose can instill meaning, increasing engagement and the desire to get out of bed each day.

7. Employee Testimonials: Recording a “day in the life” of select employees from around the organization helps recruitment, and is also a meaningful way to educate new employees on the rest of the business.  This is particularly valuable for companies with multiple locations.

Tips for Success

This list may seem daunting, but in fact with today’s video tools any company can implement any of these videos. Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Keep them secure. These videos should be treated as any other proprietary documents within the company – restrict access to employees only. Often the easiest and most secure way is to integrate the video platform with your company’s existing email/network security system.
  • Keep it brief. Make your videos easily digestible. If the content is longer, break it up into multiple videos, or chapterize the content so that viewers can skip to what’s important to them.
  • Make it interactive. Allow for commenting on videos, and make them shareable. This increases engagement with the videos and informs the company of potential trouble spots.
  • Monitor and adjust. Study your analytics to see how new employees are engaging with the videos. Where do they stop watching? Which videos are they watching more than once?  Your videos need to be updated on a regular basis to keep them fresh and on target.

Video is today’s document.  With a video-rich onboarding program, you can accelerate time to productivity and increase the long-term engagement of your new employees.

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